The Auxilio Mutuo Transplant Center is the only facility
in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean that has the approval
of the “United Network for Organ Sharing” (UNOS) for
the following transplant programs, in adult and
pediatric patients:


The Auxilio Transplantation Center provides diagnostic and therapeutic services to adult and pediatric patients with permanent kidney failure, type 1 diabetes, and transplant services. In addition, our patients have access to all the ancillary services necessary for the transplant evaluation process and long-term follow-up after the transplant. Plus, our pediatric patients receive the support and care of an excellent multidisciplinary team, attending to the specific needs of each patient in one place:

Medical Faculty

Our medical faculty has more than 100 professionals dedicated to the clinical management of patients with transplant needs, including prestigious certified surgeons.

Pediatric Kidney Transplant Program

Pediatric Liver Transplant Program

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Transplant Center located on the
2nd floor of the Physical Medicine building

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(787) 771-7575, exts. 9001, 9021