Hospital Auxilio Mutuo

Due to the current health emergency, we
have made some changes at Auxilio Pediatrico
to offer our services in the safest way.
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Our Endoscopy Unit specializes in the realization of tests for children and teenagers with gastroenterology problems.

For information, please call 787.758.2000 ext. 3035 or 3040.

Hyperbaric Medicine

The Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Center provides medical treatment with 100% pure oxygen utilized to treat a variety of wounds, illnesses, and conditions.

For information, please call 787.771.7474.


We offer specialized services to pediatric patients, from neonatal to teenagers.

Appointments are available seven days a week:

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For information, please call 787.758.2000 ext. 1336 or 1737.


As part of our Pediatric Center, you have at your disposition a group of professionals dedicated to the prevention, diagnostic, and treatment of illnesses that affect the normal functionality of your child’s central and peripheral nervous system.

For information, please call 787.758.2000 ext. 1229 or 1241.

Nuclear Medicine

Our Department of Nuclear Medicine offers the possibility of identifying illnesses at early stages, by using small quantities of radioactive material to diagnose and treat various conditions.


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For information, please call 787.758.2000 ext. 1250, 1551, or 1564.

Nutrition and Weight Control

The Nutrition Department offers nutritional evaluations, diet plans and orientations to hospitalized and ambulatory patients with different conditions: weight control, diabetes, hipoglicemia and kidney conditions, among others. Our goal is to provide the necessary tools for nutritional management and the prevention of diseases, therefore improving overall health. We count on licensed and certified dieticians as well as the sale of frozen Puerto Rican foods suited to the local taste. For ambulatory programs an appointment and a medical order is required.

For information, please call 787.758.2000 ext. 3195 or 3187.


Radiology allows doctors to diagnose and directly treat the cause of our pediatric patients’ symptoms, without needing surgery, evading the risks that this represents.

Among our wide range of services, we have:

For information, please call 787.758.2000 ext. 1360.


Our Radiotherapy Center offers every type of service for the diagnostic and treatment for kids and teenagers with cancer. The Center has the most innovative technology and personnel highly trained in Radiotherapy.

For information, please call 787-771-7396.

Respiratory Therapy

Our Respiratory Therapy Department offers specialized care to neonatal and pediatric patients 24 hours a day. The Department is composed of respiratory therapists, licensed by the Board of Respiratory Care of Puerto Rico.

For information, please call 787.758.2000 ext. 3032 or 3019.

Sleep Disorders

Our Sleep Disorders Center helps your child reconcile their sleep so that they can enjoy the benefits of good physical and mental health. It offers education, diagnostics, and sleep disturbance treatment.

For information, please call 787.758.2000 ext. 3016 or 1315.